What is a Master Planned Estate?


A master planned community gives you an attractive and desirable place to live.


It is also a smart investment.

The best practices in design, land-use planning and development have been employed to create the master planned community of My Home and The River.

A planned community has master architectural guidelines for homes and community amenities. This ensures your neighbourhood is well designed and the facilities, open space and homes complement each other.

These guidelines are there to protect your investment. They encourage high quality designs and help create the best image for the estate.

High Standards for Your Neighbourhood

The building covenants require that certain standards are maintained in regards to the construction and landscaping of your home.

The guidelines and covenants also apply to your neighbours.

This means that you can expect that the style and design of housing and landscaping remains at a high standard.

Appealing Streetscape

The guidelines aim to enhance not restrict the varying architectural styles and designs. This is to achieve harmony with each other and an appealing streetscape.

For example, two homes of the same or similar front facade design shall not be built within close proximity to each other.

Keeping the Natural Environment

The master plan retains the natural environment with over 30 hectares of open spaces and preserved natural habitat making it a more pleasant place to live.

The plan helps create a healthy and quality lifestyle with walking and cycling paths, parks, and other amenities in the vast open spaces.


A well planned community like My Home and The River is located close to amenities, shopping precincts, schools, and major transportation corridors.

This makes your life’s daily activities easy and convenient.

A Smart Investment

Investing in a master planned community like My Home and the River is financially more safe and secure. Most residential property experts agree that master plan communities are less likely to be affected in a general economic slowdown.

Potential future home buyers or renters will see houses in an estate as more desirable places to live because they’re convenient to amenities and most have great recreational facilities.


Living together in a community with people that share similar values means you enjoy a better living experience.

Safety, security, and serenity have all been considered in the planning of your neighbourhood.

As your neighbourhood grows, and families gather at the park or the other recreation facilities you can expect a strong sense of community to be fostered with your neighbours.