The Smart Way to Buy a House and Land Package

Buying a house and land package can be pretty daunting. It is something you should think over.

Of course, I will tell you that if you think too long, you may miss out! But you should still take the time to think things over.

But there are two things you can do that will let you think things over for a few months and still not miss out.

Both at no cost and no obligation.

First, you can reserve a future stage block. That way you know that it will be there if, and when you are ready.

Second, and I strongly recommend you do this, get a Pre Approval for your finance for up to six months.

Then you’ll know exactly what to think over and whether it fits in your budget.

You can also take the time to consider:

  • Is it really my dream home site?
  • Which builder works best for me?
  • What style of dream home?
  • A pool? or a shed?
  • What inclusions in the home?
  • What about landscaping?
  • Do I really want to live here?

A smart buyer locks everything in place by reserving the best block, gets Pre Approval for up to six months.

And then has the time to consider all of the options and alternatives available.

Get smart and book in for pre approval today. You can do it online here.

And the best part?

You can use your Pre Approval anywhere. You don’t have to buy on our estate.