You can reserve a future block for $100 – fully refundable.

You can reserve a dream home site on our future stages to make sure you don’t miss out.

It’s really easy and there’s no obligation to go ahead.

It just gives you a few months to think about it and get things ready at your end while we get things ready at the estate for you.

When the time comes you get first option to go ahead or not. Simple!

Better get in quick to make sure you get the one you want.

These are blocks available in future stages that you can have set aside for you. Put on hold, if you like. (As of 6 March 2015).

Reserve a Dream Site at My Home and The River

This a great way to reserve the best future blocks available – with no obligation to buy.

You can reserve any site in our future stages without any commitment to buy.

It means that we will hold the block for you until it is available for pre-sale.

At that time we will ask you if you want to go ahead. If you do, great. If not, that’s fine. We will then make it available for sale to others.

Some blocks may have more than one person who wants to hold it. So we put you in a queue. First in gets to the top of the queue.

When the time comes we go to number 1. If they say no, then we go to number 2, and so on.

So you can reserve the best block available and then think over whether you want to go ahead for a few months.

Can you reserve more than one block? Yes you can. This might be a good idea if you are not number 1 in the queue on your favourite. (We may put a limit on the number of lots you can reserve in the future).

A simple process with no contract.

To reserve a block you simply register your interest and submit a refundable $100 deposit. You can even reserve your site online now and catch up with us later for the deposit.

We only ask for the deposit so that we know you are serious. You can withdraw your interest at any time and the deposit is refunded. Whether or not you decide to go ahead your deposit is refunded.

(You don’t even have to pay the deposit, but people who do may jump ahead of you in the queue if they reserve the same block).

So the obligation is only on us. We will only sell it to someone else if you decide not to buy.

The future stages have some of the best blocks available.

The current stage is stage 6. That’s the yellow tinted area.

Stages 7 to 9 are available for you to reserve a site now. Don’t miss out.

Things are moving pretty quickly here. So have a think about it and register your interest.

There’s no risk in reserving your dream site. But you’ll kick yourself of you don’t and then miss out!

Reserve a Dream Site at My Home and The River